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Domino Web Access 7 Active X Control (International Business Machines Corporation Certificate)

When logging into Domino Web Access (formerly iNotes) it is likely that a user may encounter the prompt shown below. This occurs if an active X control necessary for the higher level functions of the DWA client has never been installed on the workstation. This document will detail the instructions to add a certificate that allows the web browser to "trust" "International Business Machines Corportation (IBM) to install software if necessary. This only needs to be done once per workstation.

Choose "OK" to clear the "Did you notice the Information Bar?" prompt.
Choose "OK" to clear the "The installation of Domino Web Access 7 Control has been blocked or declined by the user. Do you want to use this on subsequent Domino Web Access pages?" prompt

Click on the Internet Explorer "Information Bar" as shown below. Choose the "Install ActiveX Control..." option.

Choose "More options" as shown below.

Choose "Always Install software from "International Business Machines Corporation"" and Install the active X control.

The install of both the Active X control and the certificate to trust the install in the background for future sessions is completed.


Further technical information for technology staff

Where can I check to see if the certificate for "Internation Business Machines Corporation" is installed? Can I delete it if necessary?

Go to Internet Options > Content > Certificates or Publishers. Look under "Trusted Publishers".

Is it possible for me to pre-distribute this certificate to workstations?

Yes. A copy of the certificate is attached below. Simply double click it to be prompted to add it to the "Trusted Publishers". The certificate is published by VeriSign and is licenced until 5/20/2009.

International Business Machines Certificate.cer

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